November 30, 2017 Episode 10 - Everything Mobile and Alternative Uses for Selfie Sticks

Today on The Marketing Podcast, we are talking about everything mobile… mobile apps, mobile web, and mobile tools. Heather stoops to a new low by buying a selfie stick and they chat about possible other uses for selfie sticks.


A recent study talks about the increase of app usage over mobile web. Brendan talks about the difference between the two and what it means for brands as well as how it’s evolved. This increase is not only true for millennials but older demographics as well. Heather outlines some of the fundamentals, pricing, and benefits for small business to invest in building a mobile app.


Amazon’s new app uses AR View on iOS 11 that allows users to use AR to see how products look at home. Heather and Brendan look at some of the best uses for products and whether or not it works and how we can see it develop in the future.


Pixel tracking is finally available on Snapchat. Brendan goes into detail about what a pixel is and how it works. We dive deeper into what the Snapchat pixel can do and how they’re getting creepy but consumers are okay with it for the most part.


Home Depot tops the list of big retailers who do well on mobile web. We look at a round up of retailers and their mobile experiences and talk about what features serve customers well and increase sales.



New Stats on App Usage

Amazon Launches AR app for iPhone

Snapchat opens up Pixel Tracking

Snapchat has fallen out of the top 10 in the App Store

The Economist and How they’re using Snapchat

Home Depot Tops Mobile Web Usability


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