December 7, 2017 Episode 11 - Bot or Not, Be Polite

Today on The Marketing Podcast, we’re talking about bots. Heather and Brendan explore basic bots and advanced bots and what businesses are doing to add bots to their marketing and business functions.


Seems obvious to us but a study shows that chat bots that are polite get better engagement. Brendan takes a moment to explain what a bot actually is and how they work.


A report from IFTTT shows that the majority of consumers don’t want a robot shopping for them but they do trust bots for deliveries. However, consumers are okay with VAs doing their shopping. We talk about how bots are working for retail and how to keep that human touch.

A robot in Saudi Arabia got citizenship, making it the first citizen robot in the world. We talk about the creepiness of it and whether or not it is machine learning or programmatic and how it all works.


Brendan shares a little tool called Re-Scam that uses bots to keep email scammers at bay. Heather wonders if it would work on her mother-in-law. Using bots for good can protect people from losing money to scammers.



Polite Bots Get Better Engagement

Are People Ready for Bots for the Holidays

Aflac Duck is Now a Bot

AI Powered Robot Gets Citizenship

Re-Scam… Scam the scammers


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