December 14, 2017 Episode 12 - Allll About Advertising

Today on The Marketing Podcast, we’re taking a look at some amazing advertising campaigns as well as the great lengths that one company is going to so Facebook ads are blocked.


Snickers do a creative TV network takeover and layer it across their web and social. Heather and Brendan talk about large-scale campaigns and the orchestration required to pull it off. Heather takes a stroll down memory lane on the WKRP Turkey Giveaway.


Heather talks about an ad campaign that shows maxi pad advertising using a blood-like substance instead of the blue gel that is typically used. There is controversy around the campaign where both men and women are praising and criticizing the ad. We talk about truth in advertising and where the line is.


Ad Blocker Plus has figured out how to block Facebook ads. What does this mean for Facebook advertisers? Heather considers what non-digital ad blockers exist and the importance of quality content. We talk about how Facebook encourages low-quality advertising by not teaching advertisers how to effectively advertise.


Finally, Heather is enamored with Bose’s latest campaign and how it highlights the emotional aspect of buying and the role that music plays in our lives.



Snickers Most Satisfying Ad Campaign

Women Bleed Blue

Ad Blockers take on Facebook Advertising

Raspberry Pi Ad Blocker

Bose Gives Heather the Feels


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