December 21, 2017 Episode 13 - Marketing Trends for 2017

Today on The Marketing Podcast, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley look at trends that will be coming to the forefront in 2018.


First we look at a round-up of six social media trends including analytics, social listening and chatbots and what this means for marketers. Bots aren’t taking over the world… yet, but there are some opportunities for businesses to hook in to these trends.


Heather talks about her nostalgia for cassette tapes as they talk about how this form of music delivery is making a comeback. Bands are recording and selling tape again and we talk about why.


New research is showing that Twitter is getting a better ROI than we give them credit for. We talk about how they’re becoming easier for brands to use for paid outreach and how they’re focused on being brand friendly; including a Transparency Centre to promote advertising transparency for users and brands.


“Fake News” and the desire for news agencies to be first to break stories has resulted in consumer mistrust and skepticism. Content distributors are going to look for ways to validate information and will be pressured to scrutinize, and publish, their sources. Heather gets political and talks about the need for more rules in advertising on platforms like Facebook.



Trends for 2018

Cassettes are Coming Back

Twitter is on the upswing

Twitter’s Transparency Centre

Standardized Trust Indicators


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