February 1, 2018 Episode 19 - Super Excited for Super Bowl Ads

Today on The Marketing Podcast, Super Bowl is coming up and Heather’s excited to watch the ads and the half-time show. This episode takes us on a journey about the value in sports advertising, whether it’s little league or your local team, what kind of value this type of advertising offers businesses.


There’s big money to be made in Super Bowl advertising. A 30-second spot on the big event is $5 million. NBC stands to make big profits on this years’ event. Who says television advertising is dead?


Coke has an ad spot booked for 2018 and they’ve confirmed that they will not be running any repeats this year. Last year they repeated ads resurrecting their old ads which is normal for other television ads but not for Super Bowl.


After three years, Honda has decided to pull their ads from Super Bowl this year because the timing doesn’t align with their marketing calendar. Heather and Brendan talk about how value and timing impact campaigns.


Heinz Ketchup didn’t on the Super Bowl but leveraged the event to do their own campaign. Instead of investing in the pricey ad spot, they gave their employees the day off after Super Bowl and started a petition to make the Monday after a national holiday.



NBC Expects more than $1B

Coke Does New Ad for 2018

Honda Stops Super Bowl Campaign

Oreo Won Super Bowl

Heinz Gives Back to their Employees


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