February 22, 2018 Episode 22 - To Snap or To Insta?

Today on The Marketing Podcast, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley are talking mostly about Snapchat and Instagram. So charge up your cellphones and grab your selfie stick; we’re in for a fun show.


First however, Brendan tells Heather about a disappearing chatroom that can only be accessed when you have 5% or less battery life. The app allows users to commiserate together when their batteries get low. Fun for Brendan, no so much fun for Heather.


Gen Z and Millennials are using Snapchat. If that doesn’t surprise you, Brendan and Heather have some numbers about their usage of the app at live events. Brendan talks about some fun ways to engage this audience using filters.


Could a re-gram feature be coming soon to Instagram? Re-sharing to stories is being tested in the app and Heather and Brendan talk about metrics on stories. Heather talks a little about what businesses should be sharing in their Instagram and Snapchat content strategy.


Brendan has some fun stats on usage of Snapchat and Instagram. They talk about Daily Active Users and if it matters. Ultimately, it’s not about usage rather, who the users are by way of demographics.




Disappearing Chatroom

Gen Z send snaps at events

Regram on Instagram Soon?

Snapchat by the numbers

Instagram by the numbers


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