March 1, 2018 Episode 23 - Not According To Plan

Today on The Marketing Podcast, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley explore some stories when things don’t quite pan out. Even big brands like MercedesPepsi and the Canadian Government make marketing gafs.


First, a planned Superbowl Campaign didn't make it out of the gate on that important night. Mercedes had planned for a contest that didn’t deliver when their servers crashed. Heather and Brendan talk about how they made it right and recovered from the high stakes campaign.


Pepsi launched “Lady Doritos” without launching it and then quickly canceled the launch. If you hadn’t heard, the CEO went on the record about a new Doritos product tailored for women but after getting backlash company officials said the product was never in the works.


Heather and Brendan talk about whether or not tweeting makes sense when it requires 12 levels of approval. It was revealed that a Department within the Canadian Government has spent more than $100,000 in overtime a year to send roughly 50 tweets a month.


An ongoing feud between a travel blogger and a hotel property owner has taken new heights. Heather and Brendan talk more about influence marketing and who is coming out on top of this online feud.



Mercedes Takes a Loss at Superbowl

Lady Doritos

How Much Does a Tweet Cost

Travel Blogger vs. Hotel


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