March 8, 2018 Episode 24 - This is Not a Test

Today on The Marketing Podcast, we’re exploring some of the products that are being tested and where we may see some trends in the word of marketing.


First, Google is testing a product that is called Bulletin which is an app that publishes hyperlocal stories. It encourages everyday people to post stories about what is happening in their community. Brendan suggests that it already exists through social media however the fact that journalists and the community are able to populate stories with a news focus it is a good platform to reach niche audiences.


Who doesn’t want to stream their video games on Chromcast? Well Google is testing video game streaming that would allow streaming on Chromcast or a yet to be released console. Heather and Brendan speculate about what this could mean but they touch on the fact that professional gamers have audiences that are worth targeting because of the amount of time that visitors spend watching. While live streaming is coming to games first, there are many other live streaming events happening that could bring brands new audiences.


Facebook is testing a downvote button! They want us to know that it’s not a ‘dislike’ button, rather a way for the community to alert people to content that goes against Facebook’s Terms of Service or inappropriate content. The intention is to provide a way for people to give feedback on comments on page posts. Once downvote is selected, users see an additional set of reporting options.


We again touch on Instagram testing a re-gram feature which so many users are hoping for. Of course there are many apps that do it but users want it baked in. As well, Instagram has recently announced that businesses can schedule posts using verified third party services. We talk about how this impacts businesses and their use of Instagram.



Google Bulletin

Game Streaming on Chromcast

Facebook Testing Game Streaming

Facebook Testing Downvote Button

Insta testing Re-gramming


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