March 22, 2018 Episode 26 - Newness Abound

Today on The Marketing Podcast, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley are talking about a couple new products by Google; ARCore and a Hangouts refresh. As well, the complicated rise and fall of Vero Social Network. Finally, a new segment that highlights a favourite tool of the trade.


ARCore by Google is out of Beta, the next important step to bring AR into the mainstream. Brendan talks about some ways that businesses can take advantage of the technology and what it could look like in the near future.


Recently Google announced a refresh/relaunch of Hangouts which is reportedly now poised to take on Slack. Heather talks about how they use Slack within their business while Brendan dives into Google Hangouts and its features.


The Vero Social Network has had a rollercoaster of a ride in a very short span. Heather talks about how it suddenly became popular and how it became instantly hated in the span of days.


A new segment, Heather and Brendan will feature a tool of the trade that they work with. This week, Brendan talks about Elegant Themes, a WordPress tool to make building sites in WP easier for agencies and DIY-ers.



ARCore out of Beta

Google Hangouts Revamp

The Rise and Fall of Vero

Elegant Themes


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