March 29, 2018 Episode 27 - A McDonald’s Experiment

Today on The Marketing Podcast, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley put the McDonald’s mobile ordering app to the test. Technical difficulties ensue as they try to get through the rest of the podcast; talking about mobile trends, Facebook self-serve tools, Google AdWords and MailChimp.


Digging further into the McDonald’s Mobile App discussed in Episode 9, Heather tests the effectiveness. They pause the show and she returns rather quickly with hot beverages.


Technical difficulties take over the show as Heather and Brendan talk about mobile trends for 2018. After a number of takes, they work through some of the challenges and talk about a handful of trends for businesses to consider.


Facebook Messenger is working to make advertising easier with better self-serve options. Heather talks about some of the features and how small businesses can hook in to the platform for advertising.


Singular has released an ROI Index ranking mobile platforms and AdWord ranks highest on Android. Heather and Brendan explore the results and what it means for advertisers.


Finally, Heather talks about MailChimp and how they use the platform for client campaigns and why they prefer it over other similar tools.



McDonald’s Employees Disgruntled

Mobile Ad Trends

Self Serve options for Facebook Messenger Ads

Google AdWords Metrics



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