April 12, 2018 Episode 29 - What to Make of Facebook?

Today on The Marketing Podcast, we’re digging in further on the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal. Heather and Brendan are talking about what it’s all about, what it means for Facebook marketing and advertising campaigns and what businesses should be doing to protect customer data.


This all started with Cambridge Analytica. Heather and Brendan talk about the origin of the Facebook breach and how Facebook has responded.


#DeleteFacebook is now trending everywhere; some big names in tech have been deleting their Facebook pages including Elon Musk. Brendan asks, ‘should you delete your Facebook page?”


All this talk of Facebook has Heather and Brendan talking about the impact on engagement and how small businesses should respond to the shift in consumer perceptions of the platform.


Finally, Brendan talks about how businesses can keep customer information secure from cyber attacks and what it all means.


We round out the show with our Favourite Things! We’re talking about password security.



What is Cambridge Analytica?

SpaceX #DeleteFacebook

Data Security for Small Business

Favourite Things - 1Password


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