April 4, 2018 Episode 28 - Cats in Hats

Today on The Marketing Podcast, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley talk about Google Images, the shift to platform publishing, the Bank of Canada’s Easter Egg and Pablo.


Google is making it difficult for people to snag images in image search by removing the “View Image” button. Brendan talks about the frustration that this is creating and the challenges image producers are faced with and how this shift impacts end users.


There is a shift from publishing on web to publishing on platforms. Heather talks about pushing traffic to your website versus pushing people to third party platforms such as Medium.


The Bank of Canada shows that they have a sense of humour with an Easter Egg that was hidden on their website launching the new ten dollar bill. Heather and Brendan have differing views on this; it’s a good debate.


Finally, Heather talks about the web app Pablo as a tool she likes to use to rip images and create quick social media graphics.



Google Removes Image Search

Platform Publishing

Bank of Canada Launch



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