April 19, 2018 Episode 30 - Mobile Spending and Loyalty Programs

Today on The Marketing Podcast, we’re talking about mobile e-commerce. Brendan Quigley has finally discovered the benefits of mobile payments as he and Heather Watson discuss how businesses are incorporating it. As well, they are talking about Subway and Canadian Tire mobile loyalty programs. There’s a new report about how European consumers are using m-commerce. Finally, they’re talking about one of their favourite things… Shopify!


Now that Brendan has a new phone, he’s using Google Pay. Heather and Brendan are talking about the benefits to consumers for each and how small businesses are managing the shift. Hint… not well.


Subway Sandwiches have launched a loyalty program that is tracked through a mobile app that allows users to collect points and redeem on future purchases. Heather and Brendan are looking at the benefits and costs to businesses on loyalty mobile apps.


Europe’s shoppers are using their smartphones for purchases more often with over 60% of retail traffic coming from mobile sales. Brendan talks about how people are using mobile apps because they’re time crunched and want to make things fast and seamless.


Canadian Tire is starting to transition their Canadian Tire money program to a mobile platform too that includes their sister companies. Heather details how it works.


Finally, all this talk about mobile commerce has us looking to our favourite e-commerce platform, Shopify. As a Shopify partner Heather and Brendan have some great things to share.



Google Pay vs. Apple Pay

Subway’s New Loyalty Program

European Consumer Trends

Canadian Tire Loyalty Program

Favourite Things - Shopify


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