May 17, 2018 Episode 34 - Join ‘Em

Today on The Marketing Podcast, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley are looking at some cases where brands have jumped on the bandwagon.


First, Heather gets excited about Eminem’s use of AR at Coachella. At a time when a number of performers have gone on the record that they are banning cell phone use at performances, Eminem in typical fashion, does the complete opposite.


After close to a decade of using Arial font, Google is changing the font in their popular mail app GMail. Heather and Brendan talk about the shift and the reasoning behind the change.


A new Blackberry? Blackberry CEO was interviewed recently and spoke about a market need for a basic and secure mobile device. He said he won’t make it but is there one in the works?


Heinz decided to take a long standing customer request to make a ketchup/mayo product to Twitter. Turns out, customers do want what is being fondly called “Mayochup” and now they’re planning to manufacture it.


Finally, Heather and Brendan list Slack as one of their favourite things. They talk about the uses and why it works for them.



Check Out Eminem’s AR Experience

Google Switches it Up

A New Blackberry?

Mayochup Wins the Internet

Favourite Things: Slack


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