June 2, 2018 Episode 36 - Retail Therapy

Today on The Marketing Podcast, Heather Watson talks with Brendan Quigley about her recent shopping trip. They’re exploring how the face of retail stores is changing.


First up, vintage clothier Fred Segal has launched a pop-up shop with shoppable windows. Other stores are doing this in malls and Heather and Brendan talk about how small retailers can deploy similar tactics.


Retail giant JC Penney is dying a slow death. The retailer’s CEO just moved to Lowes and there are no customers in their stores. Is the writing on the wall?


Best Buy has launched a subscription service to their Geek Squad. Subscribers can get unlimited tech support and discounts through the program.


Last weekend WordPress celebrated their 15th Anniversary. So it’s our focus on our Favourite Things.




Shoppable Windows

JC Penney is Slowly Dying

Best Buy’s Geek Squad

Favourite Thing: Happy Anniversary WordPress!

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