June 14, 2018 Episode 38 - Nerdy Marketing

Today on The Marketing Podcast, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley are talking about when technology gets infused with marketing.

Hyundai has announced a partnership that will see mobile payments coming to the onboard infotainment system. Brendan talks about what reducing friction between customers can do and how businesses can do this.

Clorox bleach has some fun mobile video marketing that uses the fourth screen and vertical videos. Heather dives into the creativity and how the focus is changing to mobile video.

Coca Cola has launched a mobile app that goes with their Freestyle dispensers. The app lets users make recipes and the beverage manufacturer track data. This spurs a conversation around personalization incorporating it into the shopping experience.

Finally, our Favourite Thing is Everlance. Heather and Brendan both talk about why and how they use the mileage tracking app.


Hyundai Mobile Payments

Clorox Breaks the 4th Wall

Coca-Cola Freestyle App

Favourite Thing: Everlance

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