June 7, 2018 Episode 37 - The Business of Cannabis

Today on The Marketing Podcast, like many Canadians, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley are gearing up for the legalization of Cannabis. They are talking about new products, branding and branding rules as well as the fight to sell cannabis products.


Hill Street, maker of alcohol free beer and wine, have formulated a new cannabis infused beverage. Heather and Brendan dive in to creating market share and how new legislation creates new opportunities.


Fleurish Cannabis is a company founded by women that targets cannabis to women. They’ve launched some new packaging that is geared toward this audience and are working within tight government imposed packaging rules. Heather and Brendan talk about the challenges in industries and guerilla marketing tactics that can be used to get your brand and product in front of people.


In Newfoundland and Labrador, grocery store giant Loblaw is looking to sell cannabis products through their tobacco centres. They’re mum on the overall plan but if they’re involved, they no doubt see the revenue potential.


On our Favourite Things, Heather and Brendan talk about Google’s video chat platform, Meet.




New Cannabis Infused Beverage

Fleurish Cannabis Branding

Health Canada Cannabis Packaging Rules

Loblaw Wants to Sell Cannabis

Favourite Things: Meet


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