October 19, 2017 Episode 4 - All about acorns

On this episode of The Marketing Podcast, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley share a little bit about their business, acorn30 and expertise. Basically it’s how a couple of tech nuts went from freelancing to starting a company.


Starbucks bucks the trend by shifting away from Pumpkin Spice as the fall flavour to Maple Pecan. We look at how businesses identify trends and hook into them to build brand awareness and sales.


Uber is once again under the microscope but this time for how they are using, storing and sharing data they collect. Heather and Brendan look at how businesses should be approaching data collection.


Finally, outdoor living retailer L.L. Bean takes outdoor living seriously. Their latest New York Times ad gets people to actually go outside. We look at brand experiences and creating anticipation and loyal customers.



Starbucks has a new trendy flavour

Uber mishandles customer data

LL Bean Advertising Gets People Outside


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