October 26, 2017 Episode 5 - iPhone Ten? X? 9? It’s here!

Today on The Marketing Podcast, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley are swooning over Augmented Reality on the eve of the iPhone X sales launch. From waiting in line to how big retailers are using AR, we are looking at how AR will impact marketing campaigns.


The Consumerist is reporting that people aren’t waiting in line for iPhones any more. Has demand decreased? Are people less enamoured with the brand? Will you be waiting in line to get the latest hardware?


We look at some stats on AR use in marketing campaigns. Brendan helps us geek out a little by sharing some ideas on how businesses can get started on building and creating a campaign that uses AR.


Retail giant Toys R Us have launched a new app that is AR based that allows users to play with toys while in store. The app is designed to be used in store and we chat about the possible implications on toy buying experience.


Ikea was an early adopter of AR with a mobile app but they’ve dusted it off and relaunched it to create a more sophisticated in-home shopping experience. We’re looking at ways other types of businesses that are a natural fit for AR.


ModiFace is using AR for hair colour simulation. We look at this and whether or not it’s worth it for a business to be an early adopter with the technology for marketing campaigns.



People Don’t Need to Wait in Line for an iPhone

AR’s role in the marketing mix may grow

Toys R Us launches new in-store AR app

Ikea’s New AR App is Different

ModiFace adds 3D hair colour simulation to AR app


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