November 2, 2017 Episode 6 - Socializing

Today on The Marketing Podcast, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley are talking about some of the latest trends in social media.


First, a look at Twitter’s move to increase tweet length to 280 characters. The impact it has on the platform and how users are leveraging it.


Instagram has now launched shoppable posts in a partnership with Shopify and Big Commerce. What does the shift mean for users and advertisers?


On the topic of Instagram, we further delve in to Influencer Marketing; looking at three categories of influencers and some of the challenges and opportunities faced with starting an influencer marketing campaign.


Heather and Brendan feel a little nostalgic about a Reese’s ad on Snapchat featuring 80’s classic video game Pac Man.


Finally, what should businesses do when approaching social media in general? We explore how to get started and some of the fundamentals when using social media for business purposes, including some out of the box suggestions.



Twitter rolls out 280 Character Tweets

Shoppable posts featuring Shopify and Bigcommerce retailers

What Influencer Marketing is all about

Reese’s Pac-Man ad on Snapchat

Play the PC Version of the game here

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