November 9, 2017 Episode 7 - Bribes, Sugar and Phallic Images

The next best thing to sex, drugs and rock and roll! Today on The Marketing Podcast, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley are talking all things bad in marketing.


First, Tesla is offering affiliate links to writers promoting their brand. Is it advertising or is it journalism? We talk about the importance of instilling consumer trust.


Gatorade is in hot water after they released a marketing game that makes the water look bad. Marketing games have been around since there have been games but Heather and Brendan look at how to do them right.


“Stranger Things” producer Netflix sends a themed pop-up bar a Cease and Desist letter, but it’s the most amazing letter ever. Proving that legal teams and creative departments can actually get along.


Finally, the popular Netflix show “Maya the Bee” gets in trouble after a phallic image appears in one of their episodes. A reminder that quality assurance plays an important role in the production.



Tesla Bribing Writers?

Gatorade vs. Water

Netflix sends amazing C&D Letter

Phallic Image Appears in Netflix Episode


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