November 16, 2017 Episode 8 - Fast food wins, and fails

Today on The Marketing Podcast, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley are in need of food… fast! They touch on a McDonald’s fail as well as a great rivalry between Wendy’s and Burger King. As well how a business can start a rivalry and do it well.


Tracking you on your mobile device is easier than one may think. A recent study demonstrated that a mobile and can access enough GPS information through a mobile ad and an app to pinpoint people within minutes of their locations. We talk about tracking and the benefit for marketers; as well as the overall creepiness of it all.


Facebook and Google have been found to be pushing the boundaries of political advertising; giving a boost to political ads. We chat about what it means for future elections and how Facebook and Google should respond.


A food truck owner has had to shut down her business after she made some inappropriate comments online following the recent Vegas shooting. We talk about the impact of making statements on social media and what businesses should avoid.



Geolocating people through mobile ads

Burger King gets cheeky with Wendy’s

Episode 1: Wendy’s Social Media Secrets

Facebook and Google get political

Food Truck Shut Down After Facebook Rant


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