November 23, 2017 Episode 9 - Sears is Wishful

Today on The Marketing Podcast, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley are talking about a few new trends in marketing to keep an eye out for.


First, businesses can advertise to existing customers through Facebook Messenger. A discussion about how it works and why it makes sense.


Looking back at 2017, there is a roundup of video marketing trends. Which of these make sense for businesses to use? How can businesses effectively use video marketing?


McDonald’s has launched a mobile app for ordering. Heather rehashes her angst from last week's’ McDonald’s fail and she’s skeptical about whether or not McDonald’s can get it right.

While Sears Canada is bankrupt and liquidating their stores, Sears US is shifting to attract a nostalgic customer with the re-launch of their Wish Book. Some predictions are made about the fate of Sears in the US along with looking at the value of reconnecting with a nostalgic audience.



Facebook Launches Messages Objective

Video Marketing Trends of 2017

McDonald’s Pushes Mobile Ordering

Sears Wishbook is Back


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