April 26, 2018 Episode 31 - Storytelling Through Advertising

Today on The Marketing Podcast, we’re talking about how brands are telling stories through ads. Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley are looking at four different ad campaigns and how they tell stories to attract attention and connect with their audience.

Marketing agency Bob’s Your Uncle has partnered with the non-profit organization Second Harvest. The agency which focuses on “Thoughtful food and beverage brands” has created its own beer called “Been a Slice” which is made from old bread that would otherwise be thrown out. Proceeds from beer sales will support other similar initiatives through Second Harvest.

French retailer Monoprix has a unique perspective on the benefits of grocery delivery. The ad features a cringeworthy 80s song with creative witty lyrics that highlight why the worst song in the world would be in the playlist. The ad itself then shows how the problem could be solved by getting grocery delivery.

Bevel Mirrors CEO has never seen a shaving ad featuring a man of colour so he leveraged his mirror company to do just that. Heather and Brendan talk about how we have conditional biases and how breaking those biases garners positive attention for brands.

A series of anti-smoking ads were launched in Florida which feature smokers telling intimate and sincere stories about why they want to quit smoking. The long form ads take a different approach from standard anti-smoking ads which tend to lecture and guilt smokers. Heather and Brendan delve in to how these ads are resonating with viewers.


Marketing Agency Creates Beer Label

Cringeworthy Song

Black Men Do Shave

Empathetic Anti-Smoking Ads


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