September 25, 2017 Episode 1 - Seventh Time’s The Charm

Welcome to the premier edition of The Marketing Podcast. We’re thrilled to be bringing you this episode after many months of planning and multiple recordings.


In this episode, Heather Watson and Brendan Quigley dig in and discuss some of the tricks that fast food giant Wendy’s uses in their social media management. This is a great discussion about developing personas not for your customers but for your own brand.


We also talk about how one Canadian business threatened an Edmonton man with a defamation lawsuit after he left a negative review. Brendan and Heather talk about how to handle reviews; everything from monitoring them to responding to them.


Also, we touch on the impact of influencer marketing as Selena Gomez blows up Elle Fanning’s Instagram account. There is an important change in how influencers are identifying ads and sponsored content that you should know before you engage with one.


Finally, Tesla owners in the Florida area got a free battery life upgrade in anticipation of Hurricane Irma. We explore the value of a software patch as an upgrade as well as how businesses react in the wake of critical events can make them stand out both positively and negatively.



Wendy's Restaurant Social Media Secrets

Defamation Lawsuit for Bad Review

Selena Gomez and Influencer Marketing

Tesla Responds to Hurricane Irma


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