January 11, 2018 Episode 16 - Full Fledged Facebook

Today on The Marketing Podcast, Facebook is up to a whole bunch lately so Heather and Brendan are talking about some changes, updates and news all related to Facebook.


Facebook launches a messaging app that is for children under 13; we explore some of the features and benefits. In a move to groom future users and create safe positive spaces, the app signals the significant role that messenger may play in the future.


In April 2017 Facebook announced their AR Studio but it was open to a limited audience. They announced however in December that it’s open for all third party creators. This means that users will see more use of AR on Facebook. Heather and Brendan talk about leveraging this to market small business.


Facebook launched the Facebook Creator app on iOS and it’s open to individuals on Pages or profiles. It’s a space where creators can find resources and tips on how to create great videos, connect with fans and grow on Facebook. These tools help Facebook Influencers build a community and provide better insights, a unified inbox and access to exclusive tools. Brendan and Heather remind the importance of businesses to now ask their influencers for detailed metrics.


Instagram banned an advertiser who ran an ad with fake hair across it which lead to users swiping up to the linked website unintentionally. A reminder that marketers ruin everything, Heather, and Brendan talk about why this is an incredibly bad idea.



Facebook Messenger for Kids

Facebook’s AR Studio Open to All

New Tools for the Facebook Creator Community

IG Story Ad with a Fake Hair


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