January 25, 2018 Episode 18 - 2018 Website Resolutions

Today on The Marketing Podcast, we are talking about resolutions you should make for your website. We’ve found a great little roundup of eight things you should consider for your website this year. Brendan and Heather break down the list and dive into how businesses can act on them.


First on the list, is it time for a website makeover? Heather and Brendan look the lifespan of websites and how to know whether or not it’s time to rebuild your site from scratch.


Next are loyalty programs. You don’t need to be a big chain to launch a customer loyalty program and it’s easy to add something to your site to reward customer loyalty.


We also explore the benefits of adding live chat, on-site personalization and great return policies and how they add to your customer experiences and increases sales.


Finally, mobile first design, marketing automation and updated photography also add value to your site. Heather and Brendan are talking about how to make all that work to update your site.



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